Wags President’s Prize Competition
6 April 2022

Individual Stableford

To enter please use the form below. Entries close at 3.00 pm on Thursday 31 March.
Scribe: Geoff Worsfold

David Hall
Jerry Asquith
Dave Brampton
Tony Brayford
Hugh Brewer
Peter Creer
Musa Damji
Roy Davis
Mick Ellis
Alan Garner
Colin Gross
Alex Guberman

Ivor Joseph
Richard Midgley
Yuki Miyakawa
David Morgan
Mike O’Mahony
Katz Murakami
Adrian Paterson
Philip Pearlman
Tom Ramage
Graham Robertson
Pravin Shah
Steve Smithson

Peter Tanner
Andrew Turner
Tim Warren
Geoff Worsfold

Please note: All are welcome to play in trophy competitions but to qualify to win a Wags trophy a member is required to have played on a minimum of 6 non-trophy Wags days in the previous 12 months, which can include Social golf days, Scrambles and up to 3 Wags matches.










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