The Silver Jubilee Cup 5 July 2023 Results

Individual Stableford using 4 Clubs and a Putter.

Scribe: Alex Haslett

Winner: Richard Midgley  –  38 points
2nd place: Tony Brayford  –  37 Points
3rd place: Anupam Gupta  –  35 points

Eclectic competition
Competitors who choose this as one of their 3 entries for the Eclectic Trophy must be registered by the Scribe before playing and their card marked with an ‘E‘. For our Eclectic Rules please click here.

Please note: All are welcome to play in trophy competitions but to qualify to win a Wags trophy a member is required to have played on a minimum of 6 non-trophy Wags days in the previous 12 months, which can include Social golf days, Scrambles and up to 3 Wags matches.






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