The John Crump 2020
Summer Knockout

To enter the Summer Knockout a member must have played on a minimum of 6 friendly Wags days in the 12 months ended 29 February 2020 but up to 3 matches can be included. (Scrambles are “friendly” days).

Bookings made before competitions were suspended have been cancelled, so you will need to enter again if you wish to play in this competition.

We aim to publish the draw on 1st June and first round matches may then be played immediately.

The number of players this year will be limited to 32 in view of the available months left to play.

To enter please use the form below or email us at


Tom Ramage 22
Phil Arnold 22
Chris Boultbee 10
Dave Brampton 12
Roger Brown 23
Peter Creer 18
Chris Davis 23
Roy Davis 16
Alan Garner 20
Colin Gross 18
Lloyd Groves 23
Ivor Joseph 14
Richard Midgley 23
Yuki Miyakawa 11
David Morgan 28
Mike O’Mahony 18


Manu Radia 22
Steve Smithson 20
Alan Thackrey 18












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