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23 May 2018
Wags/Seniors Team Challenge
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30 May 2018
Wags v West Herts (home)
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1 June 2018
Seniors v Beaconsfield (away)
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11 June 2018
Seniors v Ashridge (home)
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13 June 2018
Wags v Old Fold Manor (home)
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The Wags of Sandy Lodge Golf Club
Founded 1969

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To be played by 15 May

To be played by 30 June

To be played by 31 July

To be played by 31 August

To be played by 30 September

C Seager

A Paterson

A Paterson

G Glover

A Paterson

D Alexander

H Brewer

C Gross

D Hall

G Robertson

J Seymour

R Midgley

R Midgley

C Davis

L Groves

A Thackrey

M Damji

Y Miyakawa

A Garner

G Worsfold

T Ramage

S Smithson

T Ramage

I Joseph

M Holden

S Wright

P Creer

D Morgan

K Godfrey

R Davis

D George

R Davis

D Brampton

All are welcome to play in this competitions but only those who have played on 6 non-trophy competition days in the previous 12 months to 31 March 2018 will be entitled to win the trophy.
Newer Wags who have played on 4 social golf days between 1 April and 30 September will be entitled to win this competition.

The John Crump Summer Knockout Competition 2017


Please note: The leading name in each pair is responsible for arranging date of match.
Please play matches by the dates stated.