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28 March 2018
Wags President's Prize
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From 28 March 2018
John Crump Summer Knockout
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29 March 2018
Seniors match v South Herts home
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11 April 2018
The Bertie Brown Cups
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Wags Dinner Pictures Bertie Brown Cups competition 11 April Seniors v South Herts home 28 March
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The Wags of Sandy Lodge Golf Club
Founded 1969

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Mail: Scramble@TheWags.net?subject=Wags Scramble 14 March 2018&body=Please enter me for the Wags Scramble on 14 March 2018
My handicap is:

Wags President's Prize
28 March 2018

Scribe: Adrian Paterson


  Please check in by 9.45 for the following tee times:


Richard Midgley 27

Roy Davis 17

Chris Davis 22


Yuki Miyakawa 11

Steve Smithson 19

Alan Garner 20


David Hall 13

Colin Gross 17

Ken Godfrey 20


Mike Holden 13

Peter Tanner 17

Tom Ramage 23


Ivor Joseph 13

Tony Brayford 18

John Seymour 22

  Please check in by 10.30 for the following tee times:


Musa Damji 12

Peter Creer 16

Lloyd Groves 24


Robert Wendt 11

Hugh Brewer 20

Richard Colledge 23


Geoff Worsfold 15

Adrian Paterson 18

David George 23


Graham Robertson 17

Garry Glover 19

Mel Bellamy 22


Brian Littlejohn 16

Katz Murakami 21

Tony Greer 23

Eclectic competition
Competitors who choose this as one of their 3 entries for the Eclectic Trophy must be registered by the Scribe before playing. For our Eclectic Rules please
click here

It's not too late to be included -  just turn up before 9.45am on the day

Please note: All are welcome to play in trophy competitions but only those who have played on 6 non-trophy competition days in the previous 12 months are entitled to win a trophy. New Wags are required to play with the Wags 6 times before being entitled to win.

Eclectic Rules