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23 May 2018
Wags/Seniors Team Challenge
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30 May 2018
Wags v West Herts (home)
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1 June 2018
Seniors v Beaconsfield (away)
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11 June 2018
Seniors v Ashridge (home)
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13 June 2018
Wags v Old Fold Manor (home)
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The Wags of Sandy Lodge Golf Club
Founded 1969

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Mail: LawrieClarksonCup@TheWags.net?subject=Lawrie Clarkson Cup 25 April&body=Please enter me for the Lawrie Clarkson Cup competition.
My handicap is:

Cyril Thomas Trophy
16 May 2018 xxx

Scribe: Stewart Brammer

 WINNERS: Mayur Desai & Robert Wendt  -  36 points

2nd place: Tony Brayford & Alan Garner  -  34 points

3rd place: Lloyd Groves & Steve Smithson  -  31 points

The trophy goes to Tony Brayford & Alan Garner