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14 February 2018
Wags Scramble
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28 February 2018
Green Tee Competition
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1 March 2018
Seniors match v Northwood home
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9 March 2018
Wags Annual Dinner
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14 March 2018
Wags Scramble
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The Wags of Sandy Lodge Golf Club
Founded 1969

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Wags Scramble  14 March 2018
.Please use the form below, or email by clicking here                       Scribe: Steve Smithson

Mail: Scramble@TheWags.net?subject=Wags Scramble 14 March 2018&body=Please enter me for the Wags Scramble on 14 March 2018
My handicap is:

Entries received

Colin Gross 17
Stewart Brammer 15
Roger Brown 23
Alan Garner 20
Garry Glover 19
Ken Godfrey 20
Ales Haslett 19
Mike Holden 13
Ivor Joseph 13
Ray Leggett 16
Katz Murakami 21
Adrian Paterson 18

Peter Tanner 17

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