Wags Social Golf Wednesday 4 November 2020 DRAW

Recommended procedure:
All players on each team should try to book a tee time for their group at 8.00pm on 30 October, and enter their team. A double booking can be easily removed. Teams can now communicate when they would like to play.

Tee times are suggested to avoid all groups trying for the same tee times.
The Draw below will be replaced at 10.30pm on 30 October with confirmed bookings as shown on the SLGC IG at that time.

10:34 Tom Ramage, Chris Boultbee, Chris Davis, Ivor Joseph
10:42 Roger Brown, Steve Smithson, Peter Tanner, Adrian Paterson
10:50 Jerry Asquith, Dave Brampton, Mike O’Mahony, Yuki Miyakawa
10:58 Peter Creer, Roy Davis, Ray Leggett, Kamal Sood
11:06 David George, Ken Godfrey, Alex Guberman, Alan Thackrey
11:14 Lloyd Groves, David Morgan, Rob Holland, Alex Haslett,
11:22 Adrian Newland, Graham Robertson, Tim Warren
11:38 John Wilson, Derek Butters, Tony Greer